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Why Should You Hire a Pooper Scooper?

Article provided by Pet Waste Inc - Pooper Scooper Service in Dallas Fort-Worth Area

Nobody likes picking up dog poop. Don’t even start telling me you like to do it, because I know you don’t. So why is it that we never have time for this chore? It’s because we put other things before our dog’s health and cleanliness.

#1 Don’t Have Time

Time is running out. You have better things to do than scooping dog poop! You may be a busy professional, or a single parent or anyone who works long hours and has little time for themselves. If so, hiring a dog waste removal service might be the best solution for you.

#2 Clean & Healthy Yard

If you hire a pooper scooper, chances are that you will have a clean yard. You can actually have fun with your pets in the backyard. You can have parties and cookouts with your family and friends. Your pets will be happy too because they will finally get to run around without stepping on poop.

#3 Don’t Like Scooping

You love your dog and think that dog poop is gross and smells bad, especially the big yard mines that are not so solid. You think picking up after your dog is disgusting to work and don’t want to do it anymore.

#4 Convenience

When it comes to scooping poop, it's all about making your life easier. If you want to enjoy owning a dog without doing the dirty work, I recommend hiring a professional pooper scooper.

#5 Personal Health Issues

For you, as a physically limited pet owner, the availability of a dog waste removal service might make the difference between being able to keep a favorite pet or not having one.

#6 Kids Play in Yard

Your kids will enjoy the backyard again. They'll have a place to play and can invite all their friends over!

#7 Town Rules & Guidelines

If you live in a neighborhood that requires you to pick up after your dog, wouldn’t it be easier to have someone else do it for you? You can avoid hassles and fines by hiring a professional to pick up after your pet.

#8 Protect the Environment

Dog poop contains harmful bacteria and nutrients that can lead to an overgrowth of algae, killing fish, plants and other animals. It also causes the water to become polluted and unsafe for drinking.

#9 Help reduce the spread of disease-carrying pathogens

Scooping up your pet's poop isn't only good for the environment. That's because a dog's fecal matter can contain many harmful organisms which can cause cramps, diarrhea, intestinal illness, serious kidney disorder in pets, children and older people; especially the ones with a weaker immune system. Professional pet-waste removal companies disinfect their equipment and shoes after each job, so the deadly pathogens they carry don't get spread around.

#10 Affordable and Without Long Term Contracts

Pet waste removal companies are growing in popularity because they are a great way to avoid dealing with dog poop. The price typically depends upon how frequently your yard is serviced, the number of dogs you have, and the size of the yard. However, pet waste removal companies are surprisingly affordable.

So clean up after your dog without hassle. Hire a professional pooper scooper today!

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